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  • $40.00 each 25C-NBOMes
  • $9.00 each Pyrazolam
  • $10.00 each 5F-ADB new
  • $10.00 each 4-BMC

Shipping & Return Information

You will receive an additional communication email counselling you of the shipping details once your order is endorsed and processed for shipment.

Most orders are shipped within 48 - 72 hours once amount is cleared.

The orders are ready for shipment the same day a parcel is being packed or the next day after the packaging.

Parcels Usually Arrive in 5-8 Business days and can take more or less days, depending on the destination.

Do you offer a free reship if parcel get seized?

The ownership of the goods is transferred to you once the parcel is on board. If for any reason the parcel is seized or lost after dispatch, we don’t take any responsibility for the lost parcel. However our professional team will do the best that the items will be labeled as they should to avoid any problems with customs. If you would like to secure a parcel then you must talk with us before the purchase is done.

Tracking number is provided for all parcels.

Restricted Products : Some products may be not Eligible to ship to countries that some other products are eligible to ship. Please ask more details.

All selling prices at this website are in USD. For your expedience, use a money converter to work out the price of the artefacts in the currency of your attentiveness. Please consider that money converters use default exchange percentages and could be inexact due to money fluctuations.

Please pay attention to payment options:

We Accept Bitcoin — Please request our receivers info.

We Accept Western Union – Please request our receivers info.

We Accept Moneygram — Please request our receivers info.

We Accept Webmoney — Please request our receivers info.

We Accept Bank Transfer — Please request our receivers info.

We accept credit cards (through Our Online Payments System).

Note : There is no refund once freight is on board. We don’t accept returns. There is no refund if product is seized, however you can purchase an additional reship for a small extra fee as security.

 I can’t find the information that I am looking for. How I get informed prior my order?

Contact Us here, and we will contact you with an answer in less like 12 hours.



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